Secure Web version 2.1 is available in our Ubuntu/Debian repository.

  • We recommend Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as the operating system of your choice for our proxy software.
  • Please be aware that version 2.1 is tested only on Ubuntu LTS releases (10.04 and 12.04)

Note: all commands must be executed with proper administrative (root) permissions. In the case you are logged in as an user on an Ubuntu system, please us sudo together with the command (e.g. sudo apt-get update) or open a root shell with sudo -i.

Repository Layout

  • this repository tree is named after mountain ranges close to Vienna - Rax (Ubuntu 10) and Schneeberg (Ubuntu 12)
  • this tree will hold all binaries of the version 2.0 (only Rax) and 2.1
  • the reference platforms for building the binaries is: Ubuntu 12.04 (precise), 32bit and 64bit
  • the binaries are tested and support on Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) and 12.04 (precise), 32bit and 64bit

Upgrade Notice

In the case you have a running installation on Ubuntu prior to 12.04 we strongly recommend an operating system upgrade before installing Secure Web. Our binaries may not execute properly on platforms older than Ubuntu 10.04 due to incompatibilities in the C libraries.

The files in our software repository are digitaly signed, so that the APT package management system can verify that the package is retrieved from a trusted source.

Prepare your Ubuntu system to trust the CYAN Networks software repository by installing our public key:

wget -O- "" | apt-key add -

The key will be downloaded from our webserver and stored in the local keyring for use in APT. You may verify the correct download of the key by comparing the hash of the key file to the following values before adding it to the keyring:

MD5: 9c9ec1ffbfb84e00a052e0702ef078e0
SHA256: df1afe6900ad963b30200b3db61f394eec73a5a23d4f1fce51aeceddc9a15e2c

To install Secure Web on Ubuntu, you have to configure the APT package management system to access our Debian style software repository.

Install using APT

1. Add the repository source to the file /etc/apt/sources.list, so APT can access the CYAN Networks software repository:

on Ubuntu 10.04:

echo "deb rax stable" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

on Ubuntu 12.04:

echo "deb schneeberg stable" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

2. Update the package list with

apt-get update

3. Install the CYAN Secure Web software bundle by executing the following command. This will set up a basic system of Secure Web.

apt-get install cyan-sweb-2.1

4. Additionally you may install all CYAN Secure Web support packages in one go or select your required packages:

apt-get install cyan-sweb-2.1-vscan-avira cyan-sweb-2.1-vscan-eset cyan-sweb-2.1-crs-sample-database

Support Packages

In the software repository we supply a set of support packages that configure your environment properly in order to enable certain features of CYAN Secure Web. The actual product package cyan-sweb-* does not have dependencies on these support packages. It is intended that these packages are selectively installed on demand.




Support for IBM Content Security SDK is provided by this support package.


This package installs a sample database for the CYAN Reporting System and configures the reporting system to connect to this database. It is intended for evaluation use only and is not supported for production use.


In order to use the AVIRA anti-virus engine together with CYAN Secure Web, install this package which will set up the environment properly.


In order to use the ESET NOD32 anti-virus engine together with CYAN Secure Web, install this package which will set up the environment properly.

On custom installations, upgrades are made easy using the APT package management system. The package managment software will take care of downloading, installing and reconfiguring your system

1. Update the systems package lists

apt-get update

To continue please choose if you are updating to the latest patch level of our software or if you would like to upgrade to a new release version.

Upgrade to the latest patch level

APT provides you with an easy way to upgrade your complete system to the latest version of all installed software.

2. Upgrade the entire software on the system to the latest patch levels

apt-get dist-upgrade

APT will show you an overview of all tasks that is going to perform, conflicts that might exist and proposed conflict resolutions, and will ask you for your confirmation.

Upgrade to the latest release

Upgrades across major product versions, like upgrading from Secure Web 2.0 to 2.1, will never be performed automatically by the package manager. Upgrades have to be started by hand by manually installing the new version packages of Secure Web.

Please note that there may be changes in the system requirements between major releases which may need additional work for an upgrade to work. If in doubt, please contact CYAN Support at [email protected] for help.

2. First upgrade the entire software on the system to the latest patch levels

apt-get dist-upgrade

3. Then, to upgrade your Secure Web version to the latest available major release, simply execute the install command. Conflict resolution of APT will take care of removing the old versions and install the new ones.

Note: We strongly recommend to include all required support packages in one command line. Otherwise APT might uninstall packages that are in conflict with a newer version but have no dependency with the main package you are upgrading.

apt-get install cyan-sweb-2.1 cyan-sweb-2.1-vscan-avira cyan-sweb-2.1-vscan-eset cyan-sweb-2.1-crs-sample-database cyan-sweb-2.1-scathy

To view which packages are available from our repository execute

apt-cache search cyan

To get the version information of a particular package execute aptitude show like in the following example

apt-cache show cyan-sweb-2.1

You can install only selected components, e.g. the CYAN Reporting System package, by executing apt-get for the particular package:

apt-get install cyan-sweb-2.1-crs