Secure Web Gateway

A proxy server that digs deeper

  • multi-layered security
  • with unbeatable TCO
  • easy to use

Whether you have 50 employees or 50,000, we understand your security needs. That´s why we created enterprise-level technology that is available and affordable for businesses of all sizes. Our products scale , both technically as well as commercially, to accommodate businesses of every size.

Because security is not an option.


Secure Web is shipped as both hardware and virtual appliances. This allows you to easily integrate, evaluate and operate the solution in your environment. Our tight integration into the operating system makes sure that your setup always stays up to date. This frees up time for the more important tasks you have.

Licensing of Secure Web is based on the number of named users on the Secure Web platform. We do not make a difference in license costs if you operate one or multiple Secure Web appliances in a cluster. Hardware appliances are priced at usual hardware costs, our virtual appliances are provided for free.

Our virtual appliance supports the following platforms:
  • VMware ESX, ESXi and Workstation
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • other platforms are available on request


Secure Web Appliance RS4.4

CPU Intel® XEON™ E3-1220 v6 • 3.0(3.5)GHz
Memory 16 GB DDR4 • 2133MHz • ECC

system disk: 1TB SATA-2 • 7200rpm

cache disk: 240GB SSD Drive

Connectivity 2x Dualport Gigabit
Dimensions Rackmount Chassis 1U

The RS models, with a standard rack size, are designed for medium to large scale enterprises. The RS4.4 model is designed for enterprises of approximately up to 1000 Internet users.


Secure Web Appliance RS6.4

CPU Intel® XEON™ E5-2623 v4 • 2.6(3.2)GHz
Memory 32 GB DDR4 • 2400MHz • ECC

system disk: 2 TB SATA-2 • 7200rpm

cache disk: 200GB SSD Drive

Connectivity Quad Port 4x 1GBit Ethernet
Dimensions Rackmount Chassis Mini-2U
Power Redundant power supply

The RS models, with a standard rack size, are designed for medium to large scale enterprises. The RS6.4 model is designed for enterprises of approximately up to 5000 Internet users.


The Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR)

The Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR) service is an extra service that CYAN Networks offers to its customers for a quick replacement of their defect system with the new one.

The replacement unit shall be sent to your location within the next business day.

Next Business Day On-Site Hardware Service

One Business day until reaction, troubleshooting will be immediately initiated.

International delivery and Installation of parts provided by technicians on-site.

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